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Specializing in the objective analysis of and long range weather impacts on agricultural and energy markets for hedge funds and food manufacturers.

Meteorological Consulting

Specializing in assisting weather sensitive businesses to better manage their weather risk



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About Kevin Marcus

Marcus Weather CEO/Founder, Kevin Marcus, brings 30 years experience advising weather derivative, agricultural and energy commodity traders.

With innovative solutions for leveraging today's weather, communications and computer technology, he specializes in developing solutions for at risk weather sensitive businesses.

Marcus is also a sales consultant for Business to Business applications of weather technology.


Kevin Marcus followed his childhood passion for weather and agriculture by earning formal degrees in both sciences at Penn State University with a BS degree in Meteorology and minor in Horticulture in 1980 and at University of Maryland with a MS degree in Agronomy in 1986.

His career spans more than 30 years with the first 20 as Director of Marketing and Product Development for MDA Information Systems (formally Earth Satellite Corporation) serving clients in both energy and agricultural commodities while leading the building of a multi-million dollar subscription based consulting business for Cropcast Services.

Marcus Weather has saved weather sensitive businesses millions of dollars per year by transforming weather data and forecasts into easy to understand customized reports for key decision makers. Marcus Weather supports critical long range planning decisions by interpreting expected impacts from climate forcing features such as El Nino, Sunspots and Volcanic and other cyclical weather activity. Agricultural and energy traders, food processors, utilities and transportation come have come to rely on Marcus Weather's insightful reports to help anticipate short and long term price moves in commodity markets.

Marcus Weather works in conjunction with an international consortium of companies to expand the breadth of technical expertise and solutions for clients. These companies include MDA Information Systems, Impact Computing, ZedX Inc and Prophetic Sky, Inc.

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